Contact database:

  • continuing database design – fields, functionality, programme, etc.
  • creation of a common core of fields, so that the database can be used in multiple platforms (office- and/or web-based contact database, computer- and web-based email programs, palm pilot, sign-up stations at shows, etc.)
  • development of interface with Customer Relations Management aspect of Sustainable Living Books
  • development of applications (such as emailing lists, etc.)
  • development of a customer profile to elicit corrections to existing data and gain new, more detailed info
  • drawing in data from Jillian’s email
  • data cleaning

Sustainable Living Books Project :
(Would like to have the site be functional by the end of the summer)

  • continued development of MySQL forms to hold book description data that will dynamically interface with the user web site
  • development of the hierarchical categorization system for the books (5 root categories, with up to 6 levels of sub categories)
  • completing and polishing data for our 3,000 titles
  • development of methodology for mass input of electronic data about books rather than manual date entry
  • development of business back-end to deal with processing orders, and how this relates to our contact database and customer profiling
  • development of methodology for research of new titles
  • possible development of print catalogue development
  • >

Coding of web sites:
( and

  • work with the graphic designer to complete designs
  • perform the coding of the graphic design
  • develop the coding that relates the hierarchical categorization system for the books to the structure of the articles about sustainable living at
  • >

Image Database:

    (We have an electronic catalogue in Extensis Portfolio of 6,000 slide images, and growing number of images from digital cameras, of sustainable living projects from around the world, to be used in slide shows, web sites, and promotional materials)
  • work with other team members to ensure that the cataloguing is done intelligently (tied to key words in the hierarchical categorization system for the books and articles, and maximizes effectiveness for identifying images that will be used for the web sites
  • Resource Centre and Library:

    • aid others in the development of an electronic cataloguing system
    • >

    The list above is a brief overview of the areas of our work that we will be working on this summer. For a more detailed overview of Computer-Oriented projects, please CLICK HERE.

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